You have heard this saying before: Good things come in small packages. But Ms. Rita Blue, from the Piedmont Park Church in Lincoln, Nebraska, has taken it to heart. She has done this by sharing with those she meets a special treat she creates with love and fills with something sweet. 

Blue has been a member of Piedmont Park Church for approximately eight years, but when Covid struck and the church temporarily closed, she missed her fellow church members and friends. For this reason, she started creating custom-made cards to send to those she missed. Then, after several months she said to herself, This is just impacting the people within my church; what can I do to reach those outside the church? From that question, an idea emerged to create what Blue likes to call Little Treats.

These Little Treats are handmade, small, circular black cards with cute, colorful paper glued on the top and bottom. Then she stamps the verse Psalm 28:7 on one side and a cute animal or floral design on the back. Next, she colors in the design. When that is done, she tapes a peppermint patty inside and seals it with a small bow. Then they go into her purse for the day. 

Blue said, “I always have some in my purse, almost always. So if someone does something nice for me I say, ‘Hello. Here, would you like this?’” 

She continued, “I had a procedure done at one of the medical centers, and everybody who had a part in the procedure, I gave them one. When the doctors came in, I said, ‘I got something for you too.’ They said, ‘What? No one has ever done this.’”

Blue said she chose Psalm 28:7 because it reminds her, and hopefully others, that you can’t just depend on yourself. She also said she included a Bible verse so the gift would be more than just a treat, and the people she gives them to will get two treats. 

Smiling, she said, “If they don’t like the first treat, then maybe they will like the second one.” 

When she gives them to people, it usually puts a smile on the person’s face. “I saw a lady at Walmart waiting for her family,” said Blue. “She was sitting there, and I said, ‘Would you like this?’” The woman responded, “Oh, thank you. Did you make this?” Blue said it seemed like it made the lady’s day.

Blue believes her creativity comes from her mom. She said her mom was good at any hobby. 

giftsBlue also loves knitting. She is still making custom cards but enjoys making her Little Treats. So far, she has made over 100. She also receives a few cards in return from people she has sent cards to, or sometimes a phone call. She didn’t think this would amount to anything, but seeing smiles on people’s faces has been a blessing. 

Blue shared that one smile she will never forget is from Pastor Michael Halfhill’s daughter. “I think seeing some old lady give her something surprised her.”

When Blue gave her the gift, she responded, “Well, thank you.” 

“I told the pastor about it, and he laughed,” said Blue. “He said his daughter told him I gave it to her and he was glad to hear she said thanks.”

Good things come in small packages, as well as blessings. Thank you, Rita, for demonstrating how we can each make a difference and show the love of Jesus to those within our church and in our community.

Hugh Davis is director of Community Connections ministry for the Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist Church in Lincoln, Nebraska.