We are like clay jars in which this treasure is stored. The real power comes from God and not from us. 2 Corinthians 4:7 CEV

At my house, every so often, dishes are broken.  Most often the casualties are glasses.  Thus we have a lot of mismatched glasses.

However, what would it be like to go to your cupboard and discover all cups, bowls, and plates were broken?  It seems God faces this every time He needs a dish of any kind.  Think about it.  How about some of the great patriarchs of the Bible mentioned in Hebrews 11?  Abraham and Sarah both lacked faith and Abraham was a polygamist and a liar.  Jacob was a liar.  Moses was a murderer and a liar.  Rahab was a prostitute, David a murderer and adulterer, Samson denied God most of his life, etc, etc.

What does God see when He opens the cupboard?  He proved when He called His disciples He sees what people can become, not what they are.  He sees the beautiful, whole creations they can become in His hands.

Yet some of the us decide we can fix ourselves.  We leap out of His cupboard, crashing to the floor breaking further.  Even after we have harmed ourselves further God still sees potential.  He is an eternal optimist, creator, and restorer.

When we let Him, He can heal the cracks and put fractured pieces of our lives back together.  When He puts us together we are stronger than we were unbroken, beautiful, and fitted to do the exact job He has for them.  He uses our cracks for His glory.

We are all broken dishes in God’s cupboard–we just have to surrender to His mending.  Isn’t it amazing to know God can use what may seem useless to us?

Mender of my brokenness, Thank You for the healing work in my life. Thank you for seeing potential where I see none. Please fit me to do whatever work you wish me to do.