When a teacher has a group of diverse learners, the teacher uses a variety of teaching methods to reach all of her students in the way they learn best. A quality teacher does what it takes to make sure everyone in her classroom has that “Ah ha” moment. If she cares about her students, she will most certainly care about their learning styles. If the students need visuals, she will show visuals. If the students need a demonstration, she will show a demonstration. The main goal for the teacher is to teach the lesson in a way the students can fully grasp the concepts.

There is no greater example of a quality teacher than our Creator. God has given us a variety of ways for us to experience Him. He cares about us, therefore He cares about our learning styles. He has provided visuals through nature that surround us all day long. God is a teacher that doesn’t leave the classroom until we understand the concepts. We serve a God that does everything He can in order for us to have that “Ah ha” moment where we can experience His love and character. The following pictures are examples of how I experienced the diverse ways God is revealing Himself to us through His creations.

Internship picture #1

Internship pic #2 kayla's lakeInternship pic #3 Dad in canoe

Internship pic #8 River and Frog


internship pic #15 pasture

Internship pic #4 apples



Internship pic #12 Ant hill

internship pic #5 river and horse

Internship pic #11 flowers

Internship pic #6 winter

internship pic #10 Butterfly

Internship pic #16 grandma's field


internship pic #7 jam