Kathy Hensel of Heron Lake, Minnesota, ordered 100 Ten Commandment bookmarks that she planned to distribute to prison inmates she witnesses to. After waiting three weeks and receiving nothing, she placed a call inquiring about her order. “They were dropped off in front of your apartment door,” the person she contacted explained.

Hensel replied, “But I don’t live in an apartment.”

The response came again, “It says they were delivered to your apartment door.”

Hensel repeated herself saying, “But I don’t live in an apartment,” and then asked, “What address did you send them to?”

It happened that the bookmarks had been sent to Marion, South Dakota, to a nine-year-old named Jayde to whom Hensel had previously sent Bible studies and a Bible.

Hensel contacted Jayde’s grandmother, Sue, who is her friend to find out what happened to the bookmarks. Sue explained that when the bookmarks came to Jayde by mistake, Jayde’s father assumed Hensel wanted her to pass them out, so they did.

“Now God is using this little girl to pass out 100 Ten Commandment bookmarks in Marion,” said Hensel.

Hensel explained that a similar thing had happened when Steps to Christ cards were ordered to be delivered in southern Minnesota and were instead mailed to the Moose Lake and Duluth area of northern Minnesota. Retirees took advantage of all the request cards that were returned and now there is a church group worshipping there.

Then Hensel said with a chuckle, “Perhaps a Bible worker should visit or an evangelistic series should be held near Marion. There is a little girl there with a willing heart ready to share.”