A New Year is coming and and old things are passing away. You are a new creation in God! It’s time to be thriving in health.

Start by setting goals for the upcoming year as it pertains to your health. Be reasonable so the goals can be attained. Many people set goals for the New Year and within a month they fall back into the same habits.

If you have certain dietary habits that you would like to change, slowly taper down on the items you want to cut back on or give up. The worst thing is to try to go off these items abruptly and then find yourself crashing and doubling the amount of these items in your diet.

Praying and asking God to renew your mind and help you in the process of meeting your goals will help you be successful.

As you get rid of old habits, you have to replace that habit with something new that is part of your goal. This will help you to

Thrive In Health and not just survive in health.

Please feel free to send an email to harvesting1@yahoo.com if you are interested in Thriving in Health! Services offered include healthy lifestyle coaching, fitness training, exercise programs, time management/organization tips, weight loss coaching, weekly consulting and lots of motivation to help you Thrive In Health And not just survive. 

Jeanine Qualls is a health educator based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Visit Jeanine on her YouTube health page (Jenny Qualls Thrive) or email her.