Welcome to the Giveaways page! Here are some wallpapers for your computer desktop, tablet and phone. Click on an image to open it in a new window. Once the image is loaded, right-click on the image within the new tab and select “Save image as” which will prompt you to save the image to your computer. Enjoy!


  •  MarApr2015 Wallpaper desktop 
  • Jan2015 WallpaperGREEN
  • Jan2015 WallpaperBLUE
  • Jan2015 WallpaperWHITE

Tablet wallpapers

  • MarApr2015 wallpaper tablet
  • Jan2015Wallpaper TabletGreen
  • Jan2015Wallpaper TabletBlue
  • Jan2015Wallpaper TabletWhite

Phone wallpapers

  • MarApr2015 wallpaper phone
  • Jan2015Wallpaper PhoneGreen
  • Jan2015Wallpaper PhoneBlue
  • Jan2015Wallpaper PhoneWhite