Two people this week told me that church was fun. I kept a straight face when they told me. Can you believe that? Someone had the nerve to have fun in church!

Inside, I was so happy to hear it. I’ve been thinking for years now that church ought to be more fun. I have a saying (that either doesn’t work all the time or somehow gets me in trouble): If you’re not having fun, don’t do it.

I wish I could live by that saying. Sometimes I have to do some things that just aren’t fun. In fact, they are downright unpleasant. But I have to say, church should not be unpleasant or non interesting. And let’s use the E word: it should be entertaining. Wow. Did I really say that? I’m afraid so. I’m reaching for my flak jacket right now. Church can be entertaining and still pleasing to God.

I even kept a straight face as I typed that. If you are worried about me at this point, don’t worry too much. I’ve never had anyone accuse me of being too much fun. In the years I have left on this earth, I am thinking that I might like to change that. Maybe someday someone will say to me, “Marty, you are so much fun, I can’t take it. You’re killing me with fun and laughter!”

Well, that may be asking too much, but at least I can hope. Maybe I’ll be glad if people just enjoy being around me. Maybe that’s what I’m looking for. I wonder if that is close to what our Father looks for? People who want to be around Him. Is God fun like that? Can I use God and fun in the same sentence? Church and fun? I sure hope so. No one told me in my training that I couldn’t. In fact, some of those classes were fun. Yea, I said college was fun. My teachers were fun. Can you believe that? I miss it. I miss the fun. I don’t miss switching from a Hebrew class at 6 in the morning to Greek at 9 in the morning. That was a bit much. Funny though, I would do it again.

Are we allowed to have fun in church? I sure hope so. Is God fun? I think so. I just visited with two other folks this week who seem to think so as well. That’s three of us—a good start. As I type this, I’m thinking about church this week. It’s going to be fun. Especially being around God and His family.