Guest Blog from my husband, Mark Meelhuysen:

Through Jesus’ power is the only way to forgive. There is nothing good in us. Nor do we have the ability to forgive. We often attribute our righteousness of character, love towards others, or positive attitudes to our innate goodness. “There is nothing good in us,” and “God in our heart is the only goodness we have.”

We of our own strength and ability cannot truly forgive or love others. Our innate sinful nature naturally hates, is selfish, and does not want to forgive others; especially those who hurt us. The ability to love those who torture, abuse, malign us can only be through Jesus Christ power in us. “Bless them that curse you and pray for them that persecute you.”

Blessing and praying for those that have hurt you will help you to love them and see them through God’s eyes. Denominational spats, political parties, and rivalry between countries seem silly when there is such a greater war happening right now; for the souls of men.  The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. There is no other way. Praying for and loving our enemies is key to converting them. There is no stronger power on earth than God’s power through prayer.

We need to love our family, friends, and our enemies; even the enemies who kill our loved ones, rape and abuse our sisters and brothers in Christ, and hate Jesus with a demonic passion. Every human has the ability to hate, it is in our nature, and we can only have the ability to love, when Christ is our nature. “A Communist officer told a Christian he was beating, “I am almighty, as you suppose your God to be. I can kill you.” The Christian answered, “The power is all on my side. I can love you while you torture me to death.”(Jesus Freaks, p185) That is the power of Christ; the power to love unconditionally, no matter what.

Pray and bless those who are around us. Pray on behalf of those who don’t want Jesus in their lives. Pray for changes of heart in Communists, Muslims, and even those in our families we hold grudges against. Pray that Jesus blesses those who bullied us, those who caused us pain in past relationships, and those who refuse to change their ways or admit their mistakes. This will cause a change in your heart that you will have never felt so strongly before. Jesus delights in how you are blessing your enemies and praying for them that curse you.

You will find yourself strangely drawn to Jesus, you will want to be closer to him, and you will feel more intimate with him too. You will begin to see humanity through God’s eyes. You will begin to see just how precious each living soul is to God. There will burn in your heart the desire to save others even at the cost of your own life; and you won’t regret it either. Forgive you enemies and love them that hate you. Ask Jesus to enter your heart right now and ask his to help you bless those who hurt you.