Wow, what happened to Featured Fridays last week? It disappeared… but don’t worry, we’ve got a double-dose of featured posts from our blog network this week. In case you missed out on the first couple Featured Fridays, let me fill you in. Each Friday we pick some of the best content from our blog network (in case you haven’t made it past the homepage to see all that good stuff that can be found by digging a little deeper). There’s plenty of reading to catch up on this week. It’s Easter weekend so make sure to check out Martin’s post on whether or not we should ignore Easter. Don’t forget to check out Outlook on Facebook and Twitter! Who will be the 70th person to “like” Outlook on Facebook?!

Atmosphere 4: Ricochet

Josh Marshall

On His Wings

Nancy Buxton

Should Adventists Ignore Easter?

Martin Weber

Pennies Pinched and Easter Bunnies

Candice McConnell

No Fear In the Night

Janel Brasuell

Seeing Life Through God

Buffy Halvorsen

5 Rules for Living by Jessica Fletcher

Candice McConnell

Excursus—A Question of Authority

Ed Dickerson

The Opposite of Faith

Buffy Halvorsen