When our daughter asked us to go to Family Camp, I thought it sounded like a fun idea.  I had forgotten that I was attending Single Mom’s Retreat that same week.  So what I am telling you is. . . I have spent a week at Broken Arrow Ranch, in the beginning of July.  In case you don’t know it, that spells HOT.

The little kids were very excited that we were joining them at Family Camp, after already having spent several nights at camp I was not so excited.  Once we got there and saw the dancing eyes of the grands the excitement bubbled over to us. 

Their first question, “MarMar are you sleeping on the top bunk?”  UGH I knew that would be their first thought.  What makes a kid love to see their old, overweight grandma climbing straight up to pull herself to the top bunk?  Of course, not to disappoint them I made my bed on the top.

The problem was this, I kinda fretted about having to climb down in the middle of the night to go potty.  It kept me awake wondering about it.  Soooooooooooo the next two nights I slept on the bottom bunk.  I hate to admit this defeat and maybe next year I can redeem myself.  I told them I would bring a step ladder so I don’t have to climb straight up.

Pastor Mike Tucker was the speaker for Family Camp and this is what I wanted to share with you.  He spoke about our churches and about being a caring, burden sharing church.  How does your church fit into this idea.  Can someone tell you something that bothers them and they know you will keep it to yourself?  Do you have time to help someone in need, to listen when they need to talk?  How about speaking to a stranger at church, or inviting them home for lunch.  It’s a lot to think about but I know it’s important.