Some time ago, Pastor Keith Hackle Jr. of the Philadelphia Church in Des Moines, Iowa, began meeting with his congregation to discuss what to do about their church building—whether to construct a new one or renovate the existing structure.  After talking it over for some time, the group decided that renovating would be more economical.

As a result, Pastor Hackle began the renovation process by asking church members to vote on colors of wall paint for the sanctuary and the foyer. Additionally, he spoke to the female members about the possibility of remodeling the women’s bathroom and asked their input on how they would like it done.

As the church members voted on various ways to remodel, Pastor Hackle kept track of the votes so he could utilize them to update each section of the church according to how the majority voted.

The Philadelphia Church members had always desired to have a baby room; therefore, the pastor drew up three options and let the church vote on them.

By Nov. 4, 2017, Phase One of the sanctuary remodel was completed (repairing and painting the ceiling) and the congregation began moving toward Phase Two.

On Dec. 2, right after the Sabbath closed, various members met at the church and began the process of removing the old paneling and taping in order to get ready to paint. The following day members met at the church from 9 am to 5 pm and together did a splendid job of painting the sanctuary and the area behind the baptismal pool. Members of all ages were present to help.

No debt!

One of the biggest highlights for us is that we have renovated our entire church without any debt, which is a huge accomplishment. Money for supplies was given by two faithful donors.

Pastor Hackle added that one of the highlights for him was working with the members to live out our motto together: Teach L.O.V.E. Inspire L.O.V.E. Be L.O.V.E.

Many projects have been completed during Pastor Hackle’s tenure at Philadelphia Church, including the addition of a TV screen in the foyer for the purpose of keeping members updated about what’s going on at church. As they enter, they are reminded of the Wednesday night prayer meeting and other events. This also encourages visitors to read about regular events or future happenings so they might become interested in joining our church members in those programs and activities.

Additionally, there are now two smaller screens in the sanctuary used each Sabbath—one on each side—so everyone can be involved in the worship experience.

Sharon Sleet is a member of the Philadelphia Church in Des Moines, Iowa.