The Old Testament teaches us it is important for God’s people to set aside time for the purpose of praising God, fellowshipping, and making additional sacrifices for His ministry. Denver Park Hill’s reunion was one of these special times. Park Hill members from all over the country came together to celebrate God’s past miracles and His plans for our glorious future.
Thursday night featured a banquet, and Saturday evening included a vespers followed by an old-fashion social. This was truly a reunion, as the entire weekend was a time of fellowshipping and reminiscing.
What made this event especially memorable was the focus on evangelism and spiritual renewal. The committee was very intentional about setting a deep spiritual tone, which resulted in seven re-baptisms and the collection of more than $16,000 for evangelism. The music, the word and the worship were sincere and full of the Holy Spirit’s power.
“Plans are already in motion to make the next reunion even more powerful,” says Pastor Robert Davis. “While this reunion featured speakers from every generation, making this a truly multigenerational event, next reunion will be more intentional in inviting people from the younger generation. I can’t wait!”