Every day we are given chances to witness to others. Recognizing this, two special hygienists paved the way for our Chadron (NE) Church to show God’s love to Nikki Hamilton and her younger brother, Falcon.

In early 2009, Nikki sat down in Shauna Kutschara’s chair to have her teeth cleaned. For more than 11 years, Shauna has been our Pathfinder leader and likes to mention our clubs to patients with young children. Seeing that Nikki’s father, a single parent, had his hands full with the two inquisitive and rambunctious nine and six-year-olds, she decided to ask if they would be interested in joining. Sure enough, the two started coming to the Adventurer and Busy Beaver clubs right away. Opportunity…taken!

After Nikki and Falcon had been involved with the clubs for less than a year, they were in the dental office again for another cleaning. This time, hygienist Lacey Owen (now Merkel) was cleaning their dad’s teeth. While the kids visited with Shauna and other staff in the office, Lacey noticed how much these sweet kids craved attention. Knowing their dad had a busy work schedule, often keeping him away from home on the weekends, she asked if his kids could attend Sabbath school and church occasionally. He said yes. Again, an opportunity…taken!

“Occasionally” quickly turned into every week, along with lunch and Sabbath afternoon trips to the park. Soon Lacey decided to step out again and asked the siblings’ dad about enrolling the pair in our church school. Church members had already agreed to take care of the expense, so it would be absolutely free to the family. Again, “yes” was the answer, so Nikki and Falcon started attending Prairie View Adventist School. Yet another opportunity…taken!

In subsequent years Nikki and Falcon were both baptized and now Nikki attends Campion Academy, thanks to the Kansas-Nebraska Scholarship Fund. That continued investment in the youth has been an opportunity for Kansas-Nebraska…taken!

Author Kimmi Owen is a member of the Chadron Church.