Mathematics and delicious pie don’t usually get put in the same sentence, but at Daystar Christian School’s Math PIE (Parents Involved In Education) Night, that is exactly what happened. Local public school teachers, firefighters, business owners and public library personnel were all in attendance to help the Daystar students and their parents have an enriching and fun evening. All the activities had a math theme and students, parents and members of the Pueblo First Church experienced math in a fun way.

“The public school teachers and local business members helped to show different ways of learning. The event was well received by church members, who had a good time visiting and testing the different pies,” said Delbert Hayden, head deacon and elder. “The Daystar PIE Night was a wonderful night filled with many exciting math activities. I appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this evening,” said Laurie Banta, a first-grade teacher at Cesar Chavez school in Pueblo.

The students and parents enjoyed learning about Fibonacci, tessellations, fire department math equations, estimating, and measuring. There was even a math treasure hunt!

Studies continue to show that when parents and children talk and interact together about school subjects, their tests score will increase.
Janet Vasquez, a Daystar parent, said, “I enjoyed PIE night very much. The projects and special guests were great. Thank you [to Daystar] for bringing families and church members together for a wonderful night.”

Micah Black, a Daystar first grader, summed it up best by saying, “It was lots of fun because I got to play lots of games and eat pie!”

 Michelle Velbis teaches at Daystar Christian School.