Ira and Diana Thompson were honored by the command team at Fort Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital for their outstanding service to the Fort Leonard Wood community and their families over the past three years. Although the honor was only given for the last three years, we know that they have been volunteering and aiding area Pathfinder families for over 25 years.

Many military families have trouble adjusting to their new duty stations; on average they move every three years. Diana and Ira Thompson provided a strong sense of family to post soldiers and their families and will continue to do so in years to come. Just this past year during the COVID pandemic they supported seven military families, to attend eight weekend campouts which included 15 nights camping under the stars or in tents as well as a culminating 27-hour survival weekend challenge for the Rolla area youth.

The Thompsons each received a Commanders Challenge coin for their dedication and service. Challenge coins are highly sought after and collected. They are awarded by a hand shake in which the coin is passed from the awarder to the awardee. Military members and others earn them through distinction, merit, valor and going above and beyond the call of duty. The Rolla Club added an additional gift of recognition for them to hold their new honors…a hand crafted coin rack!