Do you know what your local church or conference treasurer does? Here is a partial list of responsibilities and desired qualifications.


  • Confidentially and faithfully care for the donations of the church members  
  • Pay the bills and keep the church financial records in good order  
  • Prepare financial reports to assist the church and board in their decisions and budget process
  •  Remit the tithe and conference offerings at the end of each month  

Personal qualities needed:

  •  Attention to detail
  •  Trustworthiness 
  • Able to maintain confidentiality and impartiality
  • Being comfortable with figures and banking 
  • Being willing and comfortable working behind the scenes as well as presenting financial reports to boards and others 
  • Can work within a structure/schedule  
  • Committed to meeting deadlines

What experience is necessary for being a treasurer?

Ideally some accounting or at least clerical experience or aptitude is desirable. The treasurer should be comfortable with computer programs. Budgeting experience is also very helpful.  

 All the above is presented within the framework that a willing person used by God can do great things whether or not they have every qualification. Dependence on Him is the most important thing to remember. He has it all under control. But having an aptitude for financial skills certainly is a plus.  

How important is the work of a treasurer?

I have often said if the local church treasurers were to all go “on strike” the entire world church would come to a halt. They are the most important people in the chain financially, since it all begins with the local donation from the local church. There is no other source for funding the world field.  

So much work is done by treasurers behind the scenes that I don’t believe most church members realize the many hours spent on treasury. They spend so many hours silently serving and everyone just thinks it magically happens. All our treasurers deserve a BIG thank you!


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of many churches, use of our Adventist Giving app has increased dramatically. 

North American Division treasurer Randy Robinson stated during his year-end report last November that in 2021 a full 60% of tithe was being received through the Adventist Giving online platform, compared with approximately 22% pre-pandemic. Between March 11, 2020 and April 17, 2020 a total of 1,350 churches in North America enrolled in Adventist Giving online. In addition, 1,500 new accounts were set up by church members. 

Richard Stephenson, director of Information Technology Services for the NAD, stated that over 80% of Adventist churches have currently enrolled with Adventist Giving and are receiving tithe dollars through the Adventist Giving app. 

Apps are available in both iOS Appstore and Android’s Google Play store.  Just search using keyword “AdventistGiving” to download the app to your phone or tablet.

Give. Online. Anytime.