Like many other churches, the New Community Seventh-day Adventist Church located in Denver, Colorado, has been going through a post pandemic cycle. With an average attendance of 30-35 members, the church has been engaged in various outreach activities to revitalize and encourage its missing membership as well as reaching to the community. 

No doubt a revival was needed, and the church rallied together to put plans in place to make this happen. The speaker we had in mind was Pastor Jamond Jimmerson, former pastor of the New Community Church who is currently pastoring in Allegany East Conference at the North Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church. The date was August 10-12; the theme was Next Level From Good to Godly and the venue was the New Community Church in Denver as well as the church’s YouTube and Facebook channels.  

The church members were excited not only because of the revival but also because of who the intended speaker was. There is a difference between a preacher and a pastor, and you don’t often find those two qualities in one person. However, with Pastor Jimmerson you will find those two qualities. 

Sister Sandra Fields, women’s ministry coordinator, got on the phone and reached out to many of the missing members and the Lord blessed and multiplied her effort.  At the launch of the revival, Pastor Tomas, multicultural coordinator of the Central States Conference, gave the opening welcome while the Hispanic singing group Misioneros Voluntarios presented special music.  

We were nervous about the turnout  on opening night simply because of the fact that it was a weekday and not a Sabbath. However, the turnout more than doubled the average Sabbath attendance with over 70 people showing up both in person and online. Friday night the average was in that ballpark and on Sabbath there was hardly any seating room. One member said, “I have not seen the church this full.” 

The Lord came through and He showed out for His children. We had a great time in the Lord and with Pastor Jimerson and his family. It was a great family reunion and get together. Pastor Jimmerson encouraged us to build on that momentum. 

Feel free to visit us in person if you happen to be in the Denver area or online by scanning the QR code.

Elder Ian Francis is communication director for the New Community Church.