It was a cold and snowy Sabbath evening on Jan. 9 when Pastor Oshaine Wynter, pastor of the New Community and Boston Street churches in the Denver area, was met with a surprise he didn’t think he would experience.

As he pulled up to his residence on his way home from church, he saw that the door of his garage was spray painted with racial slurs. Visibly and emotionally shaken, he quickly checked on the safety of his wife and young daughters, one just turned 2 and the other only a few months old. “I was shock and appalled by what I saw,” said Pastor Wynter. 

Concerned for his safety and the safety of his family, his first inclination was to move. Fortunately, he already had another apartment which made the moving process easier. The main issue was the breaking of the lease; but according to Pastor Wynter the Lord took care of that entire process and he was able move without any penalty. 

When the Rocky Mountain Conference pastors in the Denver area heard of this unfortunate tragedy, they reached out to give physical, moral and spiritual support.   To put this into perspective, Pastor Oshaine Wynter is a member of the Central States Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, which is a regional ethnic conference.

On the day Pastor Wynter was scheduled to move out of his apartment, Pastors Andy Nash and Jamey Houghton of the Rocky Mountain Conference headquartered in Denver came with their vehicles to help with the move.  The RMC ministerial director Pastor Mickey Mallory and the communication team of the Rocky Mountain Conference shared their condolences and pastoral support.

Pastor Daniel Birai of Lifesource Adventist Fellowship (also apart of the RMC) and his members Doug and Sue Bolejack provided a security camera kit for their new home. Pastor Wynter expresses his gratitude for the warm-hearted acts of kindness shown by his fellow clergymen and brothers and sisters in Christ.  The elders and some members of Pastor Wynter’s churches were also there to give a hand.