Two out of three American adults are now overweight or obese. We are overfed and undernourished. And due to the growing consumption of processed foods, obesity is fast becoming a global threat.

Society tells us that we need to be thin or no one will love us. Yet we are suffocated with junk food at every turn. How does a person cope with such conflicting messages and expectations?

Many of us have tried dieting to lose those extra pounds. But according to Dr. Avery, the true challenge is not losing weight. She states that any diet will facilitate weight loss if strictly adhered to. But what happens when you go off the diet? Not only do you gain back the weight you lost, but you’ve confused your body.

Diets have no place in a successful long-term health strategy. What we need is lifestyle change. —Dr. Diehl

One reason the CHIP eating plan works is that it is sustainable throughout a person’s entire life. The other reason is that you never have to go hungry. You can eat as many servings of fresh vegetables and fruits as you want. And because they are high in nutrition, fiber and water content you will be consuming very few calories. It’s entirely true that you can eat more to weigh less!

What I Learned from Session 5

It takes 14 ears of corn to make one tablespoon of corn oil. Natural fat from whole foods is important in a healthy eating plan, but only in the small amounts that are provided naturally.

What I Choose Today

I choose to reduce consumption of nuts and peanut butter since I would have to walk 2 miles just to work off a small handful of nuts!


Your best food choices don’t have nutritional labels because they’re not required for fresh produce. Go for the Plant Slant!

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