If you want to live longer, eat greens! That’s a foundational message of the lifestyle medicine movement, based on about half a dozen scientific studies from around the globe. Actually, any diet that is high in brightly colored fruits and vegetables contributes not only to longevity but also to quality of life.

According to Dr. Diehl, the typical America diet is the cause of most of our lifestyle diseases. He explained how the food industry has used technology to find additives that make foods “taste better.” They have processed and manipulated many foods to make them addictive, which leads to overeating things that are already harmful to us.

Dr. Diehl stated that the means of eliminating the risk factors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, smoking) is under the control of our lips.

More people rust out than wear out. If we can control our minds and our mouths, we can manage our health.

In the second video clip Dr. Darren Morton talked about oxidative stress caused by free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals include toxins from pollution and cigarette smoke, too much sun exposure, and high sugar/high fat diets. Antioxidants protect us from the damage done by free radicals. According to Dr. Morton, the two best ways to raise levels of antioxidants are by exercising and eating brightly colored fruits and veggies.

What I Learned from Session 3

Every meal counts in regard to managing oxidative stress

What I Choose Today

I choose to eat more greens (I’ve learned to like kale!) and more purple and orange fruits and veggies.

My husband and I are already enjoying homemade smoothies almost every day, packed full of fresh fruits and frozen blueberries and greens. For the past two years I’ve kept a beautiful picture on our fridge of the vegan raw food pyramidwith all sorts of  greens as the foundation. We’re finally getting there!

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