When I say protein, do you think meat?

When I say calcium, what do you think?

Most Americans are programmed to associate meat with protein and milk with calcium. So we have been told. But at CHIP we have been learning a new way of thinking, based on excellent scientific research and non-emotive facts such as how much calcium is contained in milk vs. soybeans or, the highest, bok choy. Expert presenters and graphic designers have created videos and study tools so we can understand this info at a glance and absorb what it means for our daily lives.

Bone health is not determined by how much milk one drinks. Statistics showed that women who drank more milk did not have less incidents of osteoporosis, a disease where bones become less dense and breaks occur easily.

Bone health is associated with several factors: 1. Calcium intake 2. Vitamin D intake. 3. Weight-bearing activities. 4. Resistance training.

Lean, Caucasian, older females seem at greatest risk for developing osteoporosis. Once thought to be an irreversible disease, Dr. Chang told an amazing story of restoration of her healthy bones.

Exercise physiologist Dr. Darren Morton encouraged us to believe that fitness strengthening activities were not just for young male gym jocks, but benefits actually improve with age. Earlier in the day our family went to visit a dear friend who is 95 years old. She fell this week, but did not break anything. She has been exercising regularly since moving to a retirement community a year ago. We are all thankful she chose to participate in this opportunity.  It was much more pleasant visiting her in her own apartment with her feet up than in a hospital room.

Darren and guest, Heather, showed us how we can do simple strengthening exercises at home using small weights such as soup cans (do I still have them after the pantry cleanse?!) and how to utilize the floor, wall and chair for this vital resistance training.

What I Learned from Session 10
Activity has an impact on bone health. A balanced CHIP program includes physical activity and strength training. Live MORE Active is another book in the CHIP series that can be purchased separately.

What I Choose this Week
CHIP participants at our table made an agreement to do 15 reps of each of the home exercises before our next session. I will review the video while doing these. www.chiphealth.com/share-chip/Free-Videos/#

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