The Cape Girardeau Church recently partnered with Remote Area Medical, a nonprofit organization based in Knoxville, Tennessee, to provide free medical, dental and vision services to Cape Girardeau and the surrounding communities.

The free clinic was held at a local sports complex and ran for two days, with 162 volunteers providing nearly $190,000 in services to approximately 450 patients. Free health literature was also provided, as well as a prayer tent for those interested in free spiritual care. Some people from the community noted that it had been at least 15 years since any such services were available in the area, and various other churches expressed interest in helping with future events.

There were several challenges that presented themselves during the planning process, including scheduling. A normal RAM clinic runs on Saturday and Sunday, averaging 300 patients for a first area event. After fasting and praying, members felt a Sunday and Monday clinic would be more appropriate so that volunteers didn’t have to work on Sabbath. Not only was the clinic a success, but it exceeded the expectations of the organizers by 150 patients!

The Cape Girardeau Church would like to thank all the volunteers and others who made this event possible. Much needed services were provided to the community, and it was a great way to build connections with people.

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Nonad Coralde is a member of the Cape Girardeau Church in Missouri.