The third great foundational truth required for bridging the gap between us and them, the third truth we need to know and have affirmed in our own lives is, “You Are Capable.” As we saw last time, God has made each individual unique, incomparable and unrepeatable. As someone has said, God made us original, we should not attempt to live our lives as mere copies. Whatever uniqueness God has put within you, he is also giving you the capability to express it.

Value does not change. You are precious when you are conceived, precious when you are born, precious your entire life, and after you are gone, your memory is precious. Nothing you do can increase your value; nothing you do can decrease. This does not mean that we are free to do anything or that we would be wise to do anything we are capable of. It simply means that we cannot find our value or lack of same in our actions, in our performance.

Our uniqueness does not change, either. But it may be more or less fully expressed. Our capabilities help us express that uniqueness, that creative difference that God put within us to enrich the universe. In infants, whose capabilities are limited, can only express a limited amount of uniqueness. As age overtakes us, our capabilities may diminish, and thus diminish our opportunity to express fully our uniqueness. Nevertheless, that uniqueness remains.

Just as society and even the church may have bombarded with messages that you are not unique, that you are ordinary, they may also have told you that you have no ability, no talent. You may have felt frustrated in your attempts to accomplish what you wish to achieve. All of this may lead you to believe that your capabilities are few, or essentially nonexistent. Do not believe that; and do not accept it in others either.

Many years ago I read a hobbyist magazine, and noticed that one man had an article in virtually every issue, even though he was not the editor or any part of the management. He simply turned out a lot of excellent articles. I had been reading his stuff for more than a year when I found out that he was a quadriplegic. This was in a time before personal computers, before dictation software — this was even before word processors. In order to write, this man had someone put an artist’s paintbrush in his mouth, and see him before an electric typewriter. Then, using only the muscles from his neck upwards, including his lips and tongue, he would tap the keys on the electric typewriter with the paintbrush. That was the only way he had of writing his articles.

Many would say that he had almost no capability whatsoever. But his articles were insightful and useful and very readable. His example revealed to me, and challenged me, that whatever abilities I have, they are enough to accomplish God’s unique purpose in my life.

Let me repeat: you are capable. God’s biddings are enablings. What he has equipped us to do, through our uniqueness and capabilities, he will enable us to do.