Tell us how you feel about important topics such as improving racial relations, responding to bullying, forgiving people who hurt you, being abstinent in a sex-crazy world, using social media to tell the world about God, and more. Express yourself through jingles, group jingles, poems, orations, multimedia, posters, cartoons and short stories. Participate in your Church and Federation Temperance Programs for a chance to represent Central States Conference at the BAYDA 4 Given United Youth Congress Temperance Program in April (oration and multimedia winners only).

2016 Temperance Dates:

  • February 6: Local Church
  • March 12: Federation
  • March 26: Conference Run-offs for Oration and Multimedia
  • April 13-17: BAYDA United Youth Congress, Virgina Beach, VA

Temperance Guidelines

Event info submitted by Brittany Winkfield, communication director for the Central States Conference.