With props, songs and a decked out stage, Tim Olaore offers fun and adventure through classic Bible stories in a way you’ve never heard them before. Olaore has a gift for bringing the stories to life and giving kids of all ages knowledge through drama. “I’m just a kid with a beard, so I tell stories the way I’d like to hear them! People constantly tell me I have a gift, so by God’s grace, I don’t want to be a bad steward of the allotted talent He’s given me,” says Olaore.

The Boston Street Church in Aurora, Colorado recently provided a venue for Olaore to use his gift by sharing stories about four characters: Hannah, the Good Samaritan, Samuel (the “King Picker” AKA Agent Sam Well) and the 10 lepers who were healed. Interactive songs were incorporated throughout the production and the moral was summarized at the end of each story. Olaore teaches a chant called Show Me Your Power that is a kid favorite. Several children in attendance said they loved the stories and couldn’t wait to bring their friends to the next concert.

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