The Bear Grylls Survival Academy (BGSA) is teaming up with the Rocky Mountain Youth Department and coming to Colorado. Beginning June 9, BGSA will be hosting 24-hour Family Survival Courses at Glacier View Ranch (GVR). Instructors will be Durango-based Adventist teachers James Turner, Jim Hughes and associate youth director Anthony Handal.

Bear Grylls is recognized world-wide for his Discovery Channel survival reality program Man vs. Wild. The same training and instructors teaching for BGSA will also be available to Rocky Mountain Conference students through outdoor education classes held at GVR.

Techniques being focused on will include learning how to build and light fires, nighttime navigation, using a knife for survival, foraging for food, building shelters, extreme weather survival and river or lake crossings.


Author Anthony Handal is associate youth director for the Rocky Mountain Conference. For more information please contact Anthony Handal at or visit

Photo courtesy BGSA