As I type this, the sound of running water is bouncing around in our church. It’s not a leak or broken water heater, it’s the stream of water racing into the baptistery. It’s normally a sound reserved for deacons as they often fill the tank. I wanted to do it myself this time.

I want the experience of these waters to remind me of my journey with Christ, my desert times, my abundant times, my thirsty times and those times when I have been full and satisfied. My baptism was some 30 years ago. Debbie and I said yes to God amongst our friends and church family, not to mention the angels and all of heaven.

It was an interesting journey that brought us to the water that day. And that’s true of
everyone who is baptized. All heaven takes part in this special event in our lives. Our
guardian angel has to share us with the rest of the angels. Jesus smiles, God beams,
the Holy Spirit sings. A new and renewed member of God’s kingdom is the source of
ultimate joy. It brings on heavens loudest ovations.

I get great pleasure in baptizing someone. I take it very personally when someone
looks at me and asks to proceed with this eternal commitment. I don’t save them in any
way, yet I still feel as if I am an important part of Gods plan and hopes for an individual.
There is just nothing like it.

I’m rejoicing today. I’ll be rejoicing tomorrow. And I will rejoice for many days as Gods
waters flow over my friend and fellow journeyman this Sabbath in God’s kingdom.