So as of late, I’ve been dealing with a lot of things. My friends keep going though crap over and over and over again. It seems like there’s nothing I can do to help them. And in reality, there really isn’t anything I myself can change. God’s gotta take care of them. And I gotta pray. For now, the only person I can truly change is myself. And even then… God has to have a huge role in that, because deep down, I don’t even want to change. I just wanna find an easy way out and not deal with the pressing matters in my life that leak into every pore of my being. Its like water that seeps into the cracks of my mind and when things get rough and life turns cold, those problems expand and get bigger, which can be shattering.

Just last night I realized that again. The whole weekend I spent being with friends, having a good time, and forgetting about everything in life that sucks. The weekend is usually the time that us guys use to escape. And this weekend wasn’t much different. However, last night, I came home and something just seemed to drag me down instantly. Life seemed to drop from the ceiling and crush me, and I just laid there, letting it smother me.

‘What do I care, its all hopeless anyway…”

My friend and I shared our feelings and troubles on FaceBook. We’d begun to feel the same. Life was getting us down. For him, mainly the things happening in the lives of our friends were tormenting his mind. That was another big part in my mind that was persisting. Our friends seemed to be dropping like flies. Ever since this revival at CVA, Satan’s been trying even harder to tick us off and bring us down. Its definitely working. Too bad he won’t win. *holy evil smirk*

Both my friend and I agreed that if we ever want anything to shift in the lives of our friends and our school body in general, it MUST start with us. He’s been developing a deep hatred for sin, and I feel like I’ll be there soon too. When this project began at our school, we were asking for it. We’re deciding to stand out to God, and also to Satan…This is the time in life when things get serious. Time to grow up. We can’t stay stuck in this apathy. Its gonna get hardcore, and I pray that I and everyone else is ready.