Do you want to connect with 579 friends? If you were at Adventurer Fun Day that is how many opportunities you would have had to apply the lessons of friendship you were learning.  This exciting event had 580 individuals registered, making this our largest Fun Day registration yet!

This year’s annual Adventurer Fun Day featured two awards: “Jesus our Friend” and “Playing with Friends.” These awards were so natural to teach at this event because Adventurer Fun Day is all about connecting clubs, Adventurers and families together as they have fun and learn about Jesus.

This April event was visited by snow, but that didn’t stop the music, marching, learning, games and awesome food!

The room was filled with joy as the kids loudly sang “We are Adventurers.” Cell phone cameras came out as parents captured their kids proudly parading in and doing marching drills. Before long the scarfs and uniforms were traded for club T-shirts and matching sweatshirts, so the kids could play games and actively participate in the activities without dirtying their fancy blue and maroon outfits.

Handprints covered the walls as the Adventurers lifted up their prayers to heaven. In the hallways you could see kids draped in scarves, ready to act out their favorite stories of Bible friends. If you know an Adventurer who attended this event, you might have received a wooden bookmark because in the craft room bookmarks were designed to be sets, one for the Adventurer to keep and a matching one to give to a friend.

The Friendship Game station was super popular, but weather kept the yearly inflatables from having quite the appeal they usually do. Some of our Adventurers still braved the snow to race through the colorful inflatable toys.

A staff from Source of Life church said, “This is the third Adventurer Fun Day our club has come too, and I love it, because I feel like my kids and I have made friends with other clubs, and I love to say hi to other teachers and see my kids playing with others.”

I think we all are blessed when we can have opportunities to make friends with others and grow in our friendship with Jesus!

Shelina Bonjour is the youth and camp director for the Minnesota Conference.