We made it! This maddening journey has come to an end. Together we cried and laughed our way through the stages of grief, and here we are. We did it. You did it. And you can continue to do it.

Sure, hard times are still going to come, the Devil has this clever little way of hitting you with absolute misery when he can sense any sort of connection with God. New insight? Bam! Went to a really great service or meeting and you’re feeling the fire? Bam! You are one step closer to understanding Him and being content with who you are? BAM!

Grief. It will find its way into your life. It find its way into everyone’s. You aren’t alone. But you are strong. You are capable. You are a stunning creation. It seems impossible. It is crippling and infuriating and exhausting. Yelling and crying will become the norm. But God created you with incredible tools, He gave you a strength you wouldn’t believe. You can do it.

Should you find yourself facing the evil monster of grief bearing its ghastly head of debilitating horns again, remember everything we’ve gone over. Remember to climb the steps to rise. Rise above the hurt, rise above the feeble self image, rise above the negativity that surrounds you whether it be self inflicted or environmental. Let yourself experience the stages for all they are, because that’s what a healthy human needs. But when all is said and done, RISE.

Find your community.

Let yourself feel.

Search for Him.

Remember you are enough.


And remember: Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.