Ask any married couple who’s truly in love to tell you why they love each other, and they would certainly come up with a long list of qualities, actions and details that make them fall in love day after day. “I love the way he looks at me” or “her love flows into the delicious food she cooks” could be some of their responses.

Love is a two way street in relationships. In the same way we love our partner and long to be loved by them in return, God loves us in an unconditional and selfless way, longing to receive our affection as well. Many times we take God’s love for granted in our lives. But not today! As you read my short list of reasons for loving Christ, let them serve as a trigger for you to acknowledge what Jesus in doing in your life and give Him the affection He deserves today.

  1. I love him, because He first loved me (1 John 4:19).
    He took the first step in our relationship. He showed and proved me that I could trust Him. He chose me. He called me. He’s done everything so that today I can be in love with Him.
  2. When I pray, I have what I desire (Mark 11:24).
    As I understand and internalize His will and purpose for my life, I find delight and peace in asking. My desires become His. We become one. I can trust His way. Hence, believing that I have what I desire as I pray, makes me love Him because in praying for my desires, I know they are His as well. In praying for my desires, I know I bring honor to His name.
  3. He made a suitable helper for me (Genesis 2:18).
    Man was lonely. Christ looked down the ages and in granting Adam a suitable helper, He thought about you and me also. He gave me a beautiful wife who not only supports and cares for my basic needs as a husband, but also motivates me to live each day according to God’s will.
  4. I have no need to worry about food (Matthew 6:26).
    Not even in my darkest financial days never has breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks [yes! emphasis added] been missing from my table.
  5. He has plans full of prosperity and hope for my future (Jeremiah 29:11).
    While I do have many plans and goals for my life, I’ve discovered that what God has in mind for me goes way above all that I’ve imagined. Each day He shows me the heights He wants to achieve in and through my life.
  6. Before I was born He had a purpose in mind for me (Ephesians 2:10).
    How privileged are we that before our birth God was already thinking and dreaming about us. I’m not a mistake that resulted from a passionate night between two persons, and I’m certainly not here by chance. I was brought into this world with a divine purpose to live each day for the honor and glory of my Creator.
  7. He’s preparing a better place for me (John 14:3).
    No more tears. No more crime. No more injustice or pain. When Jesus comes for me, He’s taking me to a gated community where I will find love, fun and a never ending feast by His side. Nothing in this world can compare to that place!
  8. I love Him because He listens when I speak (Psalm 66:17,19).
    He’s the one Friend, the one Father, the one Comforter, who truly listens when I speak. I don’t need mobile data to contact Him. He’s not looking at Instagram when I’m talking to Him. I have no need to wait until I get home to speak to Him, or schedule an appointment at a restaurant to catch up. All I need to say is “Father,” and He’ll pay attention as if there wasn’t another living soul on this planet.
  9. I can count on Him in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).
    In hard times I can come to Him for advice. I know he won’t share my secrets with anyone else. His recommendation to overcome troubles will be the best. When He gives a helping hand, there are no hidden motives. Certainly He is my refuge and strength.
  10. Above all, I love Him because despite my sin, Christ died for me (Romans 5:8).
    Today I write because I’m happy. I live because I’m free. I move because there’s a divine spirit leading me through safe waters. And this is all possible because He took my place on the cross.

While we like to think of God as powerful, mighty, sovereign, just and omnipresent, let us keep in mind that He’s also a loving Creator who has feelings for us. Take one minute right now to tell Christ how much you love Him. Then share that love with someone else.

Johann De Dier is a writer and editor of a youth magazine for the Panama Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.